Interreg V NWE – GROOF project – Kick-off Meeting

27th & 28th November 2017
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Barcelona, Campus Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Edifici ICTA-ICP
Greenhouses to Reduce CO2 on roofs. The GROOF project is an innovative cross-sectoral approach to reduce CO2 emissions in the construction and agricultural sectors by combining energy sharing and local food production.

First day

Nicolas Zita (cdec)


Welcoming of the partners and presentation of the teams





Review of the project objectives and the work plan:

·        WP T1 - Learning and sharing about context to foster technology implementation (CSTB)

·        WP T2 - Coaching to accelerate the implementation of Rooftop Greenhouses using GROOF technology (ULg)

·        WP T3 - Technical assessment and public demonstration of running models (IfaS)

·        Investments WPs (FR, DE, BE, LU)

·        WP LT – Long term effects (ASTREDHOR)


Lunch at UAB


Communication activities (CDEC)

·        Communication strategy

·        GROOF Brand?

·        Advancement meetings


Project Management and steering committee (CDEC)

·        CDEC Team

·        eMS

·        Claim periods

·        First Level Control

·        Day to day management

·        Risk management plan

·        Partnership agreement


Next deliverables (CDEC)




Working diner in the city center (close to Plaça de Catalunya). More info to come


Seminar: experience sharing Fertile City

Dr Xavier Gabarrell




Visit of the rooftop greenhouse, Fertilecity (deliverable T1.1.1)


Seminar: experience sharing Fertile City (deliverable T3.1.1)

PhD Xavier Gabarrell (UAB)


Lunch at the roof.  Local production.


Seminar: experience sharing Fertile City (cont.)


Adapting vertical farming to the winter season. Bean production in an integrated rooftop greenhouse. M Sc Martí Rufí

Integrated Roof Top Greenhouses: radiation and production. PhD Juan Ignacio Montero

Pollen dynamics in building-integrated rooftop greenhouse in urban areas. Assessment of pollution air as a contributor of heavy metals in Vertical Farming agriculture. MSc Mireia Ercilla-Montserrat


CO2 enrichment potential in i-RTGs with residual air from buildings. PhD Joan Rieradevall


Sharing agrourban experiencies. IMPD: social agrourban (Open field). PhD Carles Martínez Gasol.


End of DAY 2

Greenhouses to Reduce CO2 on roofs.

The idea is to use roof greenhouses as a tool for (1) recovering actively the produced and not consumed heat generated and otherwise lost by the building that supports the structure (through the ventilation system) and passively (30% heat lost through the roofs on average) in vegetables and herbs production, (2) collect CO2 produced by human activity and building activities to "feed" the plants, (3) reduce transport-generated CO2 emissions by producing plants locally.  The greenhouse itself is an extra activity located outside of the building but sharing energy with it in order to make both of the structures more efficient.
The project will facilitate the emergence of this type of greenhouse on the market by demonstrating and disseminating among the actors of construction and agriculture good practices favorable to the development of profitable and functional business and social models.
The project will aim specifically at: (1) identifying and reducing barriers to market access (urban planning rules, technical regulations, insurance, etc.), (2) supporting first users in the implementation of their project, (3) experimenting and demonstrating the effectiveness of technology for a representative number of business and social models. The results of each activity will be shared with the target communities (e.g. regional and national public authorities, SMEs and large companies, research centers).
GROOF will invest in four pilots, designed to prove the effectiveness and durability of the models related to different building types. GROOF will then launch this solution on the European market.

Council for Economic Development of Construction (CDEC)

University of Liège (ULg)


ASTREDHOR: The French technical institute of ornamental horticulture

Scientific and Technical Center for Building (CSTB)

Trier University of applied Sciences. Institute for applied Material Flow Management (HS-Trier/IfaS)

Groupe One

Cluster Eco Construction (CEC)

Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)


Les Jardins de Gally (Gally)

Training Center for Sustainable Construction (IFSB)










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