edTOOL®. Ecodesign

edTOOL® is a practical and propositive ecodesign web-based tool for the improvement of the sustainability of products and services.

edTOOL is a web-based tool assisting the ecodesign process of products and services, developed within the ECO-SCP-MED Project (Integrating Experiences and Recommendations in Eco-innovation for Sustainable Production and Consumption in the Mediterranean Area).
edTOOL® aims to improve the sustainability of products and services by implementing ecodesign in companies in a step-by-step intuitive way.
The tool has the following characteristics:

Useful to guide companies through the process
of ecodesign implementation.
•     Flexible and intuitive.
•     Propositive, with recommendations for the environmental improvement.
•     Practical, with real examples from the partners’ experience.

On line training session (19-12-2014)

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