Symposium on Ecoinnovation on the Sudoe Region

4th-5th June 2013
ENSIACET - 4, allée Emile Monso - LABEGE - TOULOUSE - FRANCE

4th June 2013/ 13:00-13:05-Welcome and Opening

Dr. Xavier Gabarrell (UAB)

4th June 2013/ 13:05-14:30-Creation and Implementation of an LCA Database for the Sudoe region

Dr. Joan Rieradevall (UAB)

Presentation of LCADB.sudoe

Dr. Carles M. Gasol (Inedit)

Users experience in LCADB.sudoe. Introduction of datasets

Msc. Esther Sanyé (UAB)

Users experience in ILCD editor. Introduction of datasets.- How to use ILCD editor

Msc. Benjamin Kampinga (Inedit)

Users experience in Ecoeditor (ecoinvent). Introduction of datasets. - How to use ecoinvent ecoeditor

Msc. Esther Sanyé (UAB)

4th June 2013/ 14:40-16:10-Comparison and implementation of urban metabolism methodologies: a study of Aveiro, Barcelona and Marseille

Guillaume Junqua (EMAS)

Extended Input-output table of Barcelona

Dr. Xavier Gabarrell (UAB)

Greenhouse gases generated in the waste management of Barcelona. The CO2ZW tools applied to cities

Msc. Eva Sevigné (UAB)

4th June 2013/ 16:20-17:40-Agriculture and forest based products: LCA, bioenergy and green water use

Dr. Luis Arroja (UA)

New methodology for evaluating soil-water consumption within LCA

5th June 2013/ 09:00-10:30-Ecodesign of products in the agro-industrial sector

Dr. Gerard Vilarem (Critt Catar)

5th June 2013/ 10:40-12:10-Improving the sustainability of buildings and the creation of a simulation software – a case study in Montpellier

Guillaume Junqua (EMAS)

5th June 2013/ 13:15-14:45- Demonstration and simulation of industrial ecology approaches to improve resource management

Dr. Xavier Gabarrell (UAB)

Environmental assessment of closing flows and vegetables production: from urban waste and with Roof Top Greenhouse

Msc. Roberto Quirós (UAB)

Closing flows in urban agriculture: sustainable assessment of Rooftop Greenhouses (RTGs)

Msc. Esther Sanyé (UAB)

5th June 2013/ 15:00-17:05-Water issues in industrial ecology and LCA in the Sudoe region

Dr. Miquel Rigola (UdG)
Dr. Xavier Gabarrell
Msc. Katherine Starr
Msc. Eva Sevigné
Cyril Arnoult
Dr. Gerard Vilarem
Dr. Christine Raynaud
Ecotech Sudoe
Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)
Ecole des Mines d'Ales (EMAS)
Montpellier Supagro
Universidade de Aveiro (UA)
Universitat de Girona (UdG)

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