Ecotech Course 2013

11 febrero 2013-14 de febrero
Sala de Graus II. Facultad de Ciencias. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB)

09:00-09:30 Welcome and introduction to the course

Carole Sinfort (Universidad Supagro de Montpellier)

Welcome and introduction to the course

Dr. Xavier Gabarrell (UAB) and Dr.Veronique Bellon (Supagro)

09:30-11:00 Carbon footprint of municipal waste management

Carbon Footprint of Municipal Solid Waste Managment tool for Europe

Msc. Eva Sevigné Itoiz (UAB)

11:30-13:00 Agriculture in urban areas

Food self-sufficiency in urban areas: rooftop greenhouse systems

Msc. Esther Sanyé (UAB)

15:00-16:30 Bioindicators in Montseny

Évaluation socio-écologique d’un bassin, le cas de l’Observatoire du fleuve Tordera

Dr. Marti Boada
Dr. Xavier Gabarrell
Dr. Joan Rieradevall
Eva Sevigné
Cyril Arnoult
Carole Sinfort
Introductory course on environmental sciences: water, waste, agriculture and bioindicators

Addressed to

Students from research centres and universities from France and Spain

  1. Introducing the Ecotech Sudoe program.
  2. Disseminating the latest research developments on waste, urban agriculture and bio-indicators
  3. Visits to water, waste and agriculture infraestructures in Barcelona and Girona


The introductory course on environmental sciences: waste, waster, agriculture and bio-indicators was held in Barcelona from 11th to 14th as a part of the project ECOTEHC-SUDOE, organized by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) through the Institut de Ciencia i Tecnologia Ambientals (ICTA) and the research groups and GICOM Sostenipra. This course was organized for the master students from the University Supagro from Montpellier and consisted of a theoretical part and visits to various waste and water management facilities. The theoretical part was held in the UAB on the 11th and was focus into the carbon footprint of municipal waste management, the agricultural production in urban areas and bioindicators in the Montseny natural park. During the 12th and 13th the master students visited the waste management plant of Sant Adrià, the facility for environmental education Fabrica del Sol, the Water Catalonian Agency (ACA) facilities and the agricultural park of Baix Llobregat in Barcelona. On February 14th the students traveled to the Research in Agriculture and Food Institute (IRTA) in Cabrils where they visited their installations. This course was attended by 14 students from University Supagro and also by two PhD candidates from Écoles de mines d’Alès and UAB master students. 


Ecotech Sudoe
Supagro Montpellier
Universidad de Girona

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