We are organizing the International student challenge: #UrbanFarm2019
Multidisciplinary teams from all over the world will compete for designing the ultimate
urban farm.
The challenge will address the design of 3 urban agriculture projects, in 3 different locations. Every location will have a winning team and a prize (3 winners in total). Every winning team will receive a money prize and also the opportunity to be part of the realization of the urban farm project. Jackpot is 7500 € . 

To boost this trend, the universities of Bologna and Florence organize the Student Challenge, UrbanFarm2019.
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3 months of time to redesign 3 locations, having a look at the 3 spheres of sustainability.
Multidisciplinary student teams from the Faculties of Agriculture, Biology, Architecture, Design, Economics, Engineering and Social Sciences, are invited to join the challenge and design innovative urban agriculture systems that integrate the best architectural and technological innovations for food production in urban environments. Their projects will be based on existing vacant spaces in three Italian cities (Bologna, Belluno and Conegliano), characterized by different peculiarities. Their design should have a strong and entrepreneurial connotation, promoting the generation of new forms of employment for disadvantaged users.
The competition is open to student teams from all over the world, and teams may comprise students from different universities and universities of applied sciences.

Registration Opening

15OCT - 01DEC 2018 

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Another rooftop project in in Quito-Ecuador, in Santa Clara, promoted by Daniel Rodríguez (MSc in our programme two years ago).

The project looks for the horticultural production, thorugh installation and operation of rooftops greenhouses aswell in lands Orchards, all of this in an participatory way considering new approaches of this agricultural practices in the city. During one year they plan to asses and find the right way to commercialized (short distribution circuits and proximity consume).
This Project looks also for the nutrition of Santa Clara besides getting into the way of
food security and food sovereignity; and  for generate social integration and
social cohession. To be a way of economical support of families, and to promote
new way of comercialization. This Project look for multilevel benefits.

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See its video:  PROYECTO NAAU .